Revenue sharing Vs Profit sharing

What is difference between a revenue sharing model and a profit sharing model? I will explain it to you with a simple example, assuming one is investor partner and other is managing partner. Assume you and your friend are working on a partnership, you purchase a item for ₹60 and sell it to ₹100. Here […]

Global Sourcing

Consumer Electronics 3,800 booths of consumer electronics, gaming, components and smart living products. It has Hong Kong’s largest selections of computer products, auto electronics and more. Mobile Electronics The largest mobile sourcing, with 3,700 booths of devices, AR/VR, wearables & accessories, plus Startup, the premier sourcing platform for hardware & retail solution. Lifestyle Rich selections of […]

Computer Latest News & Events

HP Partner Meet 2018(September 2018) Intel Enterprise Channel Meet (September 2018) Lenovo Partner Meet 2018(September 2018) Touching Everyone’s Life’18(September 2018) Asus Notebook Partner Meet (September 2018) Rashi-SanDisk Partner Connect 2018 (July 2018) Lenovo Partner Meet 2018(June 2018) Plantronics Dealers Meet (May 2018) Toshiba Exhibition at Secutech, Mumbai 2018(April 2018) Toshiba – A Complete Digital Carnival Fonocom  2018 (April 2018) Rashi-WD […]

Pay scale – Salary survey

Spending 83% Less Time on Compensation Recommendatin The Challenge While Baylor University operates with a 25-person HR team, the compensation department is a team of one. This translates to a huge amount of work for the institution’s lone compensation manager, Michelle Huse, especially considering most university campuses run like small cities. “I can go from […]

India’s Imports

The following product groups represent the highest dollar value in India’s import purchases during 2017. Also shown is the percentage share each product category represents in terms of overall imports into India. Mineral fuels including oil: US$123 billion (27.7% of total imports) Gems, precious metals: $74.4 billion (16.7%) Electrical machinery, equipment: $46.9 billion (10.6%) Machinery […]

Handwriting to prints conversion

Convert PDF and images to text that you can access from other devices later on for in-depth analysis using this straightforward app

PDF OCR is a utility designed to help you convert images and PDF files into text that you can access from a wide variety of other devices later on.

Allows for quick and effortless conversion

The trump card of the app is the fact that it relies on optical character recognition technology to extract all text available within an image. In addition to accurately extracting the text content, the tool can also place it into a TXT file that you can access from both mobile and other devices whenever you need to.

Alternatively, you can specify if you want the app to export the content to a searchable PDF, a format that can provide higher security, reliability and easier share of documents, while preserving the layout, font, graphics and images.

It is necessary to mention that the application supports the most common image formats, meaning PICT, BMP, PNG, JPG, GIF and PDF.


Bad Debt Recovery

What is a ‘Bad Debt Recovery’ A bad debt recovery is business debt from a loan, credit line, or accounts receivable that is recovered either in whole or in part after it has been written off or classified as a bad debt. Because it generally generates a loss when it is written off, a bad […]

Cost Recovery Accounting Method

Definition The term cost recovery refers to an accounting method that reports revenue and the cost of goods sold in the period of sale, but delays recognizing profit until the cash received from customers is in excess of the cost of goods sold.  Along with the installment sales method, this approach can be used when […]

SMS Advertising

SMS communications Easily personalize your bulk SMS Give a personal touch to your SMS by including names, IDs and other information. Attach files to your SMS Add a variety of attachments to your SMS, such as takeaway menus, price lists, brochures, or booking confirmations. Real-time delivery and click reports Track live SMS delivery status of […]