Spending 83% Less Time on
Compensation Recommendatin

The Challenge

While Baylor University operates with a 25-person HR team, the compensation department is a team of one. This translates to a huge amount of work for the institution’s lone compensation
manager, Michelle Huse, especially considering most university campuses run like small cities.

“I can go from needing to comp a doctor, to needing to comp a police officer, to needing to comp a veterinarian in one day,” said Huse.
Previously, the department’s existing
compensation system was also problematic. Everything was done manually, with data from eight external surveys housed in Excel.
“For comp evaluation requests, I would do word searches through Excel to find a good benchmark. Then I had to pull that data over to a separate spreadsheet and manipulate it,”
said Huse. “Our matches were good, but there were consistency issues because we didn’t do a great job of housing or keeping track of previous matches. We also didn’t have a lot of capability to run reports or present the data in a way
management could understand.”

Why Market Pay:
• Saved time and increased efficiency
• Increased confidence in HR department recommendations
• Began using compensation strategically
• Stayed ahead of new FLSA requirements
When the HR department reorganized, placing compensation under talent management instead of benefits, the current system’s shortfalls became even more apparent. Not only did a single, ad-hoc comp evaluation take an hour (or more), the lack of real-time information and reporting capabilities made it almost impossible for HR to use compensation strategically.

The Change
HR can now access all surveys on one platform, making it far simpler—and faster—to create, manage, and analyze
compensation across hundreds of positions. “The three things I can attribute to Market Pay directly, as far as impact on Baylor and our comp processes, are quality, consistency,
and efficiency,” said Hu. “I get calls all the time from other software vendors, but I don’t even want to entertain the idea of using someone else, because I love it so much. And obviously
the service is out of this world.”

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